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Para Assad era muy simple : yo o el caos

Beyond Geneva II 

Quand Genève2 sort des rails

Catalogués, malgré eux

De-railing of Geneva II from the Basic Tracks

Si l opposition syrienne participe a Geneve 2 elle se suicide

Robert Ford, ambassadeur des Etats Unis auprès de l'opposition syrienne, est le 'Paul Bremer de Syrie", selon Haytham Manna

Charisma, Efficiency and Dignity 

Nelson Mandela will remain with us and among us

Nelson Mandela will remain with us and among us. Today, humanity has lost the most important symbol of a century. Nelson Mandela is no longer among us; this majestic rock of resistance, freedom and equality between people and against racism and discrimination. Mandela leaving us has left behind the biggest lessons in ethics, values and principles and struggle in the world that transformed significant and noble words into merely goods on the market.

Nelson Mandela has left us. He has been the commander of the most important battle against colonization and racial discrimination in contemporary times, and the most important battle in the civil peaceful transition to democracy. The people of South Africa did not record just this victory over apartheid, but also won over all tendencies of revenge, retaliation and blind violence that can accompany the process of a transition of this magnitude of hatred, injustice, indignities and crimes. Can any force in this world assassinate the significant memory of this great symbol? I do not think so, because human beings are in dire need of a thousand Mandellas everywhere, from Palestine to the black continent, and oppressed countries and countries which are burned because they moved away from the great compass like this giant figure. I thank the days that made it possible for me to meet this exceptional person, and I always keep my share of hope that peoples deserve such leaders in order to return proudly to their history, with kindness and honor for human beings.


 Classified against his Will  

Syrians can be reconciled through negotiation not violence

Jabhat al-Nusra - absent or omnipresent in Marrakech

Will Marrakech assassinate the democratic project?

Doha & Co

Violence and Democratic Perspectives in Syria


The Last Ramadan of the Dictatorship

"En Syrie, les groupes armés et le pouvoir ont éradiqué la résistance civile

France24: L' attentat à damas

France24: syria conflict

 France24: le pouvoir en trompe l'oeil    

SYRIE. "Ceux qui observent vont décider des lendemains de la Syrie"

Sombra do Islã radical divide opositores

MED1:après le discours de BASHAR ALASSAD


France24: Les forces de sécurité trient sur les manifestants

Syria must change or be changed        

L'enfance meurtrie              

n September 2008 South African Bishop Desmond Tutu’s fact-finding delegation submitted to the Human Rights Council its latest report on the Israeli shelling of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip in 2006, which led to the death of nineteen civilians. At a press conference in Geneva,.....

Union Européenne, monde arabe et droits humains





Say who knows thinker and writer Haytham Manna. Moving information to our colleague based on the definition of human rights violations and the defense of the voiceless. But Arab thinker releases began in 1975 when a book, "vernacular peasant uprising in Mount Arabs, then, many of the translations and the medical and psychological writings then went more and more towards Islam and life. the situation of Arab women, the Arab Islamic history and contemporary challenges of enlightenment, and human rights and fundamental freedoms. A doctoral thesis in social science knowledge about the conflict between the jail and religious knowledge in the Arab and Islamic history, with medical thesis psychological disturbances in sleep and waking, the book Islam and heresy, the book violence and torture in the Arab world (all in French) today nearly thirty consisted of what is the Arabic translator of French and Arabic, Italian and more than 500 articles and research and lecture. despite all the work and struggle daily living. Haitham colleague seeks to give the intellectual importance which deserves to dream of the collective group of the Arab Committee for Human Rights to establish a school of thought that cash genuine.


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